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          Shandong Juxian Chengde Plastic Co., Ltd is located in Shandong Rizhao City Juxian Plastic Industrial Park, Rizhao City is after the reform and opening to the outside world, the rise of China east bridgehead, with deep-water port and Rizhao airport, also Nitto high-speed, with three speed, 206 State Road several important lines of communication and aviation harbors close at hand. My company is a professional production of various specifications and types of plastic bags, such as plastic bag for fruit, vegetable plastic bags, food bags, all kinds of supermarket convenience bag, shopping bag, even the volume bags and vest bag and all kinds of garbage bags, medical waste bags etc.

          Our company uses the high quality raw materials and imported raw materials production and processing of plastic products, the strength of the company, advanced equipment, first-class product quality. The products through the relevant certification. Plastic bag products are sold to various regions at home and abroad. International market has the United States plastic bag market, the European Union plastic bag market, the Middle East and so on. The domestic market covers a wide range, such as Henan market, market in Hebei, the Northeast market, vast areas of South China, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanxi, Qinghai, Fujian, Zhejiang and other developed coastal cities and inland most cities. First class raw materials and advanced scientific production process to produce high-grade plastic bags products, our products have won the trust and support of the vast number of users.

          My company to "good faith" legislation, the "de" is the essence of corporate culture, heritage of Chinese 5000 years of outstanding cultural spirit, "virtuous" is our enterprise's founding. We operate in good faith in business in today's fierce competition in the market to get a space for one person, the majority of customer support is the development of power and the basis of the majority of our enterprises. We uphold the traditional culture as in the past China more scale, more in-depth development of our plastic products.
          Shandong Juxian Chengde Plastic Co. Ltd. sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to our company to visit, investigate and negotiate business, to build a better future!